Air Conditioners



Whether you're looking at replacing your existing A/C unit or are finally looking to join the modern world and want to install a new system in your uncomfortably warm home, we want to help you make the right choice. We're not saying we know more than you, but it is possible that there are options available on the market today that you're not aware of, and we want you to understand what they are. Your current system may not be ideal for your situation, so before you spend your hard-earned money, let's spend some time together and dive into some of your options.

How To Choose

Choosing a new Air Conditioner isn't as black and white as you may believe. There are many things to consider but don't be discouraged, we're here to help. The information below should help you understand what's out there and what some of the lingo means. Choosing a unit that is properly sized for your home is critical to ensuring the long and efficient life of your equipment. Bigger is not better when it comes to A/C. If the unit is over-sized, it won't run long enough and will stress your compressor. If a unit is undersized, it will run continuously and never achieve its goal of cooling you down and making you comfortable. There are other factors to consider, such as SEER ratings and unit locations, but these are details we can save for later. 

Single Stage

 Good. Simple, budget friendly. 

A single-stage unit will turn on at full speed when there is a call for cooling from the thermostat in your home. When the temperature comes down enough, it will shut off and patiently wait until it's next request for duty. This is the most simple style of Air Conditioner and also the most budget-friendly option. These are not as efficient as Two-Stage or Variable Speed units. 

Two Stage

 Better, more efficient. 

These types of Air Conditioners have two levels of operation. In the low setting, the compressor consumes less energy and will satisfy the cooling requirements of your home for the majority of the cooling season. When the Suns out, the guns are too, and your compressor will kick it up a notch to the high setting to ensure that your home stays cool even on the hottest of summer days. 

Variable Speed

Best, most efficient

A variable speed unit is the pinnacle of the sport in the A/C game. This is what we have in our own homes. These are the units we show off to our HVAC friends and the ones we want you to have as well. When a standard compressor turns on, it needs a large boost of power to get it going, and that costs you money on your utility bills. Now imagine a compressor that turns on nice and slow and works its way up to where it needs to be to get the job done. As conditions change, the speed of the compressor changes accordingly and only consumes the power it needs to keep your home comfortable and dry. The same goes for the motor controlling the condenser fan. Does it get better than that? The answer is simple. No. 

Heat Pumps

Ironically, when looking for an Air Conditioner, you may also need to consider your heating options. If your system consumes costly fossil fuel such as oil or propane, you may want to consider a Heat Pump. We are big fans of these units, and we would love to tell you more about them. Contact us anytime for more information!